Preferred shares - defensive with yield
Luis Pazos, expert for high dividend values has published his 4th book in April 2020, „Geldanalage in Preferred Shares„. We […]
What you learn first in finance is, first improve your income, reduce your cost, especially bad loans, then build up […]
Problem with index investing
I do not want to repeat in detail what ETFs are, there are hundreds of sources that do hits, please […]
Value Investing and Risk
In a previous video I have investigated investment styles (or strategies): Investment Strategies and Income Strategies. So we met the […]
Books 2020
This year I have been reading 30 books to improve my financial education. I’m aiming for 100 books per year, […]
Risk is well defined in the world of finance, usually as the probability of a loss event or historical volatility. […]