Polymetal International
In the video on Russian commodities we have also covered the Gold and industry metals stocks on the Russian market, […]
Value Investing and Risk
In a previous video I have investigated investment styles (or strategies): Investment Strategies and Income Strategies. So we met the […]
The Russian utility companies use mainly gas, coal and nuclear energy for their generation, except for a substantial part of […]
Russian Utilities
After the energy sector, we now look at the utility sector in the Russian stock market Utilities The word „util“ […]
Russian Commodities
Russia is exporting gas and oil but also other commodities. This article is looking at the non-energy commodity stocks listed […]
Books 2020
This year I have been reading 30 books to improve my financial education. I’m aiming for 100 books per year, […]
Overview Russian stocks
This is the first of a series of blog articles and videos on specific sectors of the Russian stock market, […]
Disclaimer Just because I write about Russia does not imply that I sympathise with the Russian political system, in the […]
Risk is well defined in the world of finance, usually as the probability of a loss event or historical volatility. […]
Hallo, willkommen auf der Homepage von Outside-Invest, dem neuen Youtube-Kanal für Einkommensinvestoren. Dies ist keine Seite einer Firma, sondern der […]